2005 Turkey Shoot

Post date: May 4, 2009 3:17:57 AM

The 2005 Turkey Shoot was fantastic. Fun was had by all.


1st Place John Childs and Roger Cansler -22 $370

2nd Place Team Effort Peter Sontag and HaroldHampton -21 $250

3rd Place The Doobie Bros Randy and Joe Cox -18 $130


1st Place at -11 - $300 Par Infinity - Jeff Stradinger and Aaron Herman

2nd Place (tie) at -10

Thelma and Louise - Shea Lendick and Matt Richards

Creek Mobb - Colin Boyd and Dave Holwerda

4th Place at -9 -$130 - Team 510 Again Mike Castillo and Les Pranic

5th at -8 The Baggers - Neil Bondy and Greywing Cooper -8

Chris/Roger - Chris Awalt and Roger Lowry -8

Team Napa - Dean Whitecotton and Eric Edwards -8

8th at -7

The Mando Cammando's - Jackson Ratcliffe and Tom Zarraonandia

Team Gobble Gobble - Keith Skipper and Crhis Warych

Team Sissorhash - Moon Johnson and Jason Tindell

Hole in 1's

John Childs Hole 3 short tee to short pin 369 feet

Tom Zarraonandia Hole 11 short tee to long pin 253 feet