Requests from the Rangers

Post date: Apr 17, 2011 10:46:10 PM

Dear Disc Golfers,

Ranger Mike has asked me to post a reminder about the following rules:

  1. No Dogs - They scare the wildlife and who wants their disk to land in a pile of @#$%^.
  2. No Smoking - With the wet spring the fire danger this summer will be even worse than past years. Don't smoke on the course.
  3. No Littering - If you are old enough to buy beer, you're old enough to cary out your empties.
  4. The Park Closes at 7 PM - Don't make the rangers wait for you, they want to go home and have dinner.
  5. No Screaming the F Word - We actually got some complaints about someone who liked to swear at the top of their lungs. It may seem cool to scream curse words, but remember that some people are offended.

If everyone follows these rules, we should have the course forever.