Stafford Bag Tag Challenge

Post date: Dec 17, 2009 2:57:39 PM

Due to the efforts of Marty, we are going to have 50 Stafford Bag Tags created. You pay $20 and show up January 3 at 12 noon, and you will win a bag tag. With that tag you must accept any challenge from a lower bag tag number.

All proceeds from the sale of the tags will go for new baskets !

Here are the rules:

    • You pay $20 for the 2010 Bag Tag.
    • We play a one round 'tournament' on Sunday January 3. Lowest scores get the lowest bag tag numbers. Ties will be determined by Marty.
    • Anyone who misses the January 3 date can purchase the next available tag from Marty at any time.
    • Whenever you play Stafford with someone who has a bag tag, the higher number can challenge the lower number. Challenges are one on one unless agreed to by the group.
    • Challenges cannot be declined.
    • Whoever has the lowest score gets the lower bag tag number.
    • If the challenge ends in a tie, the bag tag stays with it's original owner.
    • The Thursday weekly singles is eligible for challenges and all challenges apply to the foursome.
    • Anyone who gets a low bag tag number and disappears, will get the absolute worst tee and group at the next tournament. Imagine starting on #9 with all of your least favorite people. That is the punishment for running and hiding with a good number.
    • If Jackson ever gets bag tag #1, he will treat everyone to two rounds at Moylans. You must be present to collect!