2016 Turkey Shoot

Post date: Oct 30, 2016 12:15:29 AM


All the permits are lined up and the 2016 Stafford Lake Turkey Shoot is On ! One day, non-PDGA doubles tournament.

Please note that this tournament always sells out. So if you want to play, pay quickly as only 72 teams are blessed enough to play.


  • Saturday November 26th.
  • Park Opens at 7 am.
  • !! Players Meeting is at 8 AM !!!!
  • First round starts promptly at 8:15 AM. We'll send Pros/Old/Mixed out 1st to the big course, then AMs on the temp course.
  • Second round starts at 12:30. We'll send AMs out 1st to the big course, then Pros/Old/Mixed on the temp course.
  • Awards ceremony at 5:00 PM.
  • Park closes at 6 PM.


  • Best throw doubles format.
  • Two 18 hole rounds.
    • One in the morning, starting at 8:15 AM.
    • One in the afternoon, starting at 12:30 PM.
  • One round on Stafford's classic course in mostly 'traditional' pin positions.
  • One round on Stafford's 'Lake' temporary course.
  • Four divisions:
    • Professional - The top tier for ultimate bragging rights. $100 per team.
    • Old - Total age of the team must exceed 100 years. $100 per team.
    • Mixed - One man, one woman, one team. $100 per team.
    • Amateur - For everyone else. $80 per team.
  • 100% Payout. Sorry but we're not doing a players package or food as most of us have enough tee shirts, discs, and will have plenty of leftovers from Thanksgiving, and everyone prefers cash anyway.
  • So bring your own lunch as food will not be provided and there is not enough time to get food between rounds !!!

Other Stuff:

  • Normal Stafford parking fees still apply.
  • Please play quickly. The sun sets at 4:52 PM, so we have to be done before then.

The Courses:

For those of you curious about the course layouts:

    • In an effort to speed play, most of the main course will be in 'traditional'. So a mix of long and short.
    • I'll add a map shortly, but it will be basically the same as last year, except the 1st hole (that sucked) will be replaced with another island green hole, which will be #1 on the temp course. We're naming this hole 'Proctor's Pain'.


    1. There are 36 AM spots and 36 spots for Pro/Old/Mixed.
    2. To play AM, use the form on the left. To play Pro/Old/Mixed, use the one on the right and select your division. It's a drop down option. Team Scotch and Soda have already messed up and instead of playing the Old division, they are playing pro.
    3. PLEASE ENTER YOUR TEAM NAME AND THE NAMES OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS. That way I can do the scorecards easily. Thanks
    4. Please don't beg for a spot when it sells out as there are none. However, there are always a few teams that no show and alternates are on a first come first serve basis.
    5. Last year we added a few groups so some groups had 3 teams. I got some complaints about that and don't want to listen to whining, so unless all teams on a tee agree to adding another team, we're not doing that again.