2013 Bag Tag Challenge is Sunday January 6th !

Post date: Dec 1, 2012 2:03:00 PM

The tags have been designed and ordered and the challenge is on. Here's the deal:

    • $20 Entrance Fee. Gets you a tag and a possibly a beer if I get my crap together and buy a keg.
    • All proceeds go towards buying tractor so that we can cut the grass ourselves in key areas. We have nearly $1,000 from last year.
    • First group starts at 9:00 AM and the last group is off by 11:00 AM. Anyone who tees off before 9:00 AM gets a 5 shot penalty because trying to avoid the wind is cheating. We call this the Roger Rule. So the last group should be done before 3PM.
    • The ceremonial giving of the tags should be around 3:30 PM.
    • We will play the full 23 hole layout - original 18 plus the 5 new holes. The tee pads on the new holes will probably be a mess, but that's part of the Stafford challenge. Anyone who complains about the tee pads being crap on the temp holes gets a two shot penalty.
    • If Russ comes out to help, and it's not pouring rain, we may add a few extra temp holes and see if we can make it 27 holes.
    • We will try and get most of the holes in long position and we will be playing ALL LONG TEES. So #3, #6, #11, #14 and #18 will all be from the long tees. In addition to making the entire day as painful and difficult as possible, this layout will spread out the scores so we have fewer ties. So there is a reason for making everything long other than being a masochist.
    • If you have to leave before the awards ceremony there will be envelopes available so you can self address the envelope and we can mail you your tag.
    • Standard Stafford rules apply:
      • 2 meter rule is in effect
      • Fence is OB on #8 and #9
      • standing water (i.e. puddles) are not OB
      • flowing streams like those on #3, #14 are OB.

And here is what you are playing for, except you don't want #125, you want #1.