2009 Turkey Shoot Results

Post date: Nov 30, 2009 1:16:18 AM

http://www.discraft.com/team_doss.htmlWe had yet another glorious Turkey Shoot. The weather was nearly perfect, especially if you like wind. We had a great temp course on the lake, and we had the main course stretched out for the AM division and then we REALLY stretched it out for the pros. This was the first year that we expanded the tournament to cover two courses and we had 28 Pro teams (including one 3 woman pro team), 36 AM teams, and 5 teams of couples, for a total of 138 participants !! A special thanks to Jimmy, Darla, Kevin, George, Russ, Marty and the others who I've spaced at this moment for putting together a great event. Lastly, not all teams provided the required team name. As a result I made a few up. If you are so insulted by the name I made up for your team, make sure you fill out the form properly next year.

Pro Division

We had an exciting showing with two former world champs teaming together to avenge Avery's loss last year to Roger and John. Team "Past and Present" (Nate Doss and Avery Jenkins) pulled off the win with an impressive 47 in the second round on the long course to overcome the blistering 11 down on the temp course by team Shanksgiving (Dave Brownlow and Jeff Faes). Our defending champions, and local favorites, came in third. Our first all female team, which included our third world champion, Valerie Jenkins, rallied from a rough first round to end up near the middle of the pack and beat my team. For detailed results, GO HERE.

AM Division

The AM division was full weeks before the tourney and the scores were pretty competitive with the Pro Division, even though they played the main course a bit shorter. The BreazealanToddlers (Todd Kernat and Greg Breazeale) won with an impressive 8 down on the temp course, which would have put them right in the thick of things in the Pro division. For detailed results GO HERE


This was the first year we had a couples division and we had 5 teams. Lucky for them they got to play the same layout as the Pro teams, so their 2nd round was a loooonnnnggg one. Kim Denning and Alex Fuentez one with a solid 60 on their round on the big course. For detailed results GO HERE.