2015 Turkey Shoot Results

Post date: Nov 29, 2015 3:47:26 PM


e had a perfect day and both courses lived up to our expectations for Stafford. The layout for the big course was pretty close to perfect with only 3 sub-50 scores, yet everyone finished in time.

One of the fun parts of the tournament was temp course, which has huge potential but never quite lives up to our expectations. The good news is that Russ created a new routing and other than the 1st hole, the holes themselves were all very solid with some exceptional shots near the lake. Next year's temp course will only be better.

As for the competition, Team Innova (Patrick Brown & Drew Gibson) completed the three-peat with an impressive -14 (-7 for both rounds). They didn't win the hot round on either course, but their consistency gave them the win. In one of the great ironies of life, Gus (Bob and James Proctor), would have won if they had managed to avoid getting an 8 on the 200 foot long #6. Yes, they got an 8 on a 200 foot hole. The irony is that James Proctor volunteered on Friday to help setup that hole and had more practice shots on it than anyone. Lesson learned - life is cruel.

In Mixed, The Redwood Coasters (Christopher Watson & Kelly Muth) played a great 2nd round for the win, and with their -7 total, would have won the AM and the OLD divisions as well ! Great playing Redwood Coasters.

In Old, Old and In the Way (David Rawson & Jackson Ratcliffe) ran away from the field, winning by 10 with -5. For a change, neither partner complained about the performance of the other.

In AM The Ace Holes (Marco Benites & Luke Walton) won the playoff with Between the Basket and Me (Armando Enseat & Alex "Don Chaldo" Torres) .

The hot round on the main course was a 45 by Gus ( Bob Proctor & James Proctor).

The hot round on the temp course was a -8 by Grandmas Boys (Tupper & Bitney)

For all the details, here is the Google spreadsheet and the bottom has the division breakdowns.

2015 Turkey Shoot