2016 Stafford Bag Tag

Post date: Feb 25, 2016 5:24:47 PM

We had a spectacular day for the 2016 Stafford Bag Tag Challenge. The weather was perfect, the course was LOOONNNGGG, and the only people who complained were complaining about how much they sucked !

Matt Neiman won the #1 tag with an impressive 73, which on the 24 hole layout was a +1 over 'Stafford Par'. Given how we played almost all of the long tees and how most of the holes were in long, and it was windy, that's a very solid round.

For the author of this post, the highlight was watching Mike Peremba, who won the #2 tag, park #14. From the big tee to the D location, that's over 700 feet, and he put it to 15 feet, and made the putt.

We had 40 players in total, and have so far raised $300 for the new tee sign project.

For all the scores, here you go.