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2008 Turkey Shoot

posted May 7, 2009, 8:14 PM by Stafford Lake
The 2008 Turkey Shoot was a major success. The weather was perfect, the course was magnificent and the tournament director did a great job - thanks Jimmy !
The Open Division was won by team Cancer Child, with Roger Cansler and John Child. They managed an impressive 21 under Stafford 'par' 54 over the two rounds with an epic battle in the second round with the reigning Woman's world champ Valerie Jenkins and her brother, Avery, who's no slouch either. The match was tight until the 16th when team Jenkins got a pair of bad rolls and bogied when the handicaped child managed a birdie.

PlaceTeam1st Round2nd RoundTotal
1stRoger Cansler & John Child444387
2ndValarie Jenkins & Avery Jenkins434689
Jesse Smith & Mark Patnode474289
Derek Billings & Brandon Sy454489
5thColin Boyd & Ruben Alaniz474491
Patrick Wood & Patrick Brown464591
7thDallas Albright & Dale Gatlin454792
Shane Robinson & Josh Sappenfield474592
9thBill Kohler & Jeff Stoops464793
10thJesse Williams & Bryan Banta504494
11thJoe Cox & Bryars484896
Jason Coultrap & Jaime Cossaboom494796
13thJon Owens & Jonah Schmidt494897
14thPeter Sontag & Bob Montes544498
Dave Malo & Chris White475198
16thNick Peters & Tom Zarraonandia5248100
17thKevin Parkhurst & Lou Retherford4952101
18thEric Edwards & Richard Baptista5251103

Am Division

PlaceTeam1st Round2nd RoundTotal
1stJoshua Yocum & Chica Nii494796
2ndGreg Breazeale & Mike Premba504797
3rdSean Jack & Joel Johnson5050100
4thOppie Whaylan & Shane Porzio4952101
5thGreg Randolf & Gregg LaComb5151102
Jesse Hast & Michael Coleman5349102
7thJohn Robles & Austin Meyers5548103
Scott Snyder & Rob Levander5053103
Jeremy Cole & Arro Lopez5449103
10thPhil Gonzales & Danny Wong5252104
Eric Crespo & Doug Johnson5351104
Todd Kurnat & Aaron Durand5351104
13thEd Levine & Michael Thompson5451105
Jesse Gardner & David Guzman5253105
Craig Schott & Ron Junker5451105
16thJesse Bowers & Erik Winkler5551106
Jackson Ratcliffe & Peter Mentzer5254106
18thBob Proctor & James Proctor5552107
Billy Frye & David Yi5651107
David Rawson & Steve Johnston5750107
21stBrendan O'Reilly & Steve Turner5256108
Adrian Cormier & Chris Sweet5355108
23rdScott Tipton & Jim Grbac5258110
Kevin Eckert & Mike Ridley5752110
25thScott Silworth & Chris Brown5357111
Moon Johnson & Jason the squirrel Tindell5754111
27thKimberly Denning & Alex Fuentez5557112
Oren Bame & Kris Ritchie5755112
29thBen Fairly & Don Jackson5558113
Steve Rexford & DAve Lender5954113
31stJustin Napier & Casey Farrell5757114
32ndRuss Stirling & Jim Waltermire5857115
33rdScott Mattewson & Ross Mattewson6365128
34thDuncan Del Secco & David Del Secco7672148

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