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Hole 3 - Grandma's House

Not only are the views on this hole gorgeous, it's simply a fantastic disc golf hole. Known as "Grandmas House" (over the hills and through the woods,...) it is a long downhill drive to the right and the fairway enters the trees. 3 pin locations are tucked in the trees, 2 across the seasonal stream-bed. The 2 short/left pin locations are visible in the trees from the short T, but the long right pin location is not. The back right basket location is used in tournament play and makes this hole very par 4ish. Use a spotter if throwing from the long tee. By the way, the photos are old as we have baskets, not tone poles now. Next Hole ->

LongC639 ft.+37
LongB607 ft-16
LongA518 ft+1
ShortC495 ft+11
ShortB.458 ft-39
ShortA.369 ft-22