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Hole 6 - Lookout

Now for some fun. Straight down the hill to five very different pin positions. Position A is a great ace run, but very easy too go long or short. Position B leaves a tough put if you are left of the basket. Position C is easy to heizer over the hill to the left when the wind is left to right. Position D was added in December of 2005 and is tricky in the trees in back of position C; plant your drive in the trees above it and hope it drops down for an easy birdie. A new Position E was added sometime in 2006 and is a nice subtle change from "C".

The real fun is with our new Moist-Tee.  It's 100 feet further back and about 50 feet above the 'short' tee.  This makes it a 500 foot throw to a few of the baskets and is lots of fun.  We think it's even more fun than the famous 'top of the world' down south.  Next Hole ->

Feet Elevation
Long To E   460 -135
Long To D 509 -135
Long To C 460 -128
Long To B 476 -119
Long To A 382 -106
Short To E   372 -85
Short To D 440 -85
Short To C 380 -78
Short To B 374 -69
Short To A 271 -56
And here is a cool video of Dale launching one from the Moist Tee.  Hit the HD icon to see this in High Def so you can watch the disk.