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2015 Turkey Shoot Registrations

posted Oct 30, 2015, 2:56 PM by Stafford Lake   [ updated Nov 4, 2015, 3:44 PM ]
The Turkey Shoot is full, and below are all the teams who registered and have a spot.

Last year we had some no shows the day of the tournament.

If you want to grab a no-show spot, the waiting list will open at 7 AM the day of the Turkey Shoot with a first come first serve approach.


Team NameTeam Members 1st Round Start Hole 
The Salty Dogs Conor Cole and Chad Albrecht  
Reverse Baggers Kevin Eckert + Foulad Albadeh  
Double D's in your face Danny Kerfeld, David Lackey  
What's my rating? Matt Throop, Oren Bame  
TugLife Wes Morrison & Dylan Evans  
TBD Jake Schultz, Josh Cook  
Napa's Finest Rob Frias/ Geoff Kegley   
Grandmas Boys Tupper Bitney  2
Gus Bob proctor, james proctor 1
The Gravy Chains Jon Braidman and Steve Willis  
Team InnovaPatrick Brown and Drew Gibson
The Bullshizbeez Josh Yocum and Khyber Easton  2
Slob On My Knob Dale Gatlin/ Mike Peremba  
The Mendufos Roger Cansler & Justin Wilson  
Ace Bandages Bobby Hoellwarth and Elle Heilig  
Breazealian Toddlers Greg Breazeale Todd kurnat  


Team Name Team Members
Malo Z Tom Zarraonandia David Malolepzy
come on man Kevin Parkhurst and Bill Christmas
The SS Scott Snyder & John Schmidt
Scotch & Soda  Ed & Scott
Old and In the Way Jackson Ratcliffe and Dave Rawson
Dirk Diglers Dave Rooney and Kirk
Blisters Stew Levy/Sam Hudson


Team Name Team Members 1st Round Start Hole
nothing but the gravy Carrie la Freniere / Jabir Ponce   
Flyin' Lynx Caleb Gribi and Camille Skweir  
Turducken Deanna Chan and Ernesto Rogers  
Mixed Baggers Matt Angell, Valerie St Louis  
The Flying Gibbous Nate Genthner Nicole Bradley  
Hous Bin Pharteen Randy Perry & Bethany LaSala  
Nice Touch Doug and Nicole Jensen  
Bogeytown, USA Sean & Elena Jack  
The Normal Neighbors Anne Farrell and Les Swift  18
mlay Nevada Mike Imlay,  Jenn Morgan  
Redwood Coasters Christopher Watson and Kelly Muth  
Chain Smokers Joe Akhavan  Leah Feltenstiein  

AM DIVISION - 36 Teams

Team Name Team Members
Baby Come Back Carl Miller & Nick Noreña
kiss my ace Rich lopez, brent mccoy
B&B Ben Peterson Jeff Bean
Splash Brothers Juan bernal,  Travis james
Duece BagsSeth Grell & Lupes Lopez
Feel the Bern Jason whitley 
The Debolt Show Mike Debolt & Jerry Showman 
The Ace Holes Marco Benites and Luke Walton
Team HardUndes Dan Hardeman/Levi Fagundes
Continental Breakfast Anthony Raygoza Jordan Moirano
Boston's Mojoe Joseph Harrigan. Boston Abbinet 
Deez Nuts Derek Fahrenfeld and David Mangon
Hyzer Criminalz Frank Villas, Andrew Paseka
I'm hella high Anthony Jaussaud, Andy Somers
Hammer Time Mike & Greg Graniss
THE GREG'S Gregg LaComb  Greg Randolph 
You will make this putt jackass Ryan D Jason C
Citizen Chain David Falzone, Eric Ramirez
Paper or Plastic? Mr. Santa Cruz & The Danish
Ginger Snaps Josh Goesch, Allan Adair
Dirtbags Ross Hammond/Peter Black
Team No Name #1 Derrick&?
dango Moist cheeseburgers john whalen. Devin white
One 2nd, came last Andy Leaf & Matt Brenner
I Pitch, He Catches Curtis Bauer, Nate Schustack 
Putt Pirates Beau Griffin Booth burrows
Phil's Lawn Wranglers Patrick Mortonson, Michael Courvoisier
Bay Area Baggers Chris Isom & Roger Crain
Toddamus & The Old Crow Matt Rowe & ?
Between the Basket and Me Armando Enseñat & Alex "Don Chaldo" Torres
Hestermangs Bryan, Avi
Jesus is My Hyzer Jonathan Ogan, Zachary Looper-Friedman
Team Tryptophan Mark Tennyson Andrew Hughes
Sneaky Ninja Jacob Sanderson and Ben Cobb
The Corsican Brothers Leif"Putting down his PUTTS" Ludwig Brian "BUBBA" Denn
Team Riblet. Brad Cameron & Josh Sommers