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Stafford Regulars at the Worlds

posted Aug 15, 2011, 11:02 PM by Stafford Lake   [ updated Aug 15, 2011, 11:19 PM ]
10 Stafford regulars competed at the worlds and we did well.  In order of their place in their respective divisions, Roger did the best with 14th place.

MASTERS 12    Roger Cansler
OPEN 32         John Child
OPEN 47     Dale Gatlin
GMAST 53    Kevin Parkhurst
OPEN 65    James Proctor
GMAST 67    David Rooney
MASTERS 68    Bob Proctor
OPEN 99    Dave Holwerda
OPEN 125    Justin Wilson
OPEN 166    Colin Boyd

Roger, John, Dale, and James made the cut and played in the semi-finals.

As for total score for the 4 rounds, John did the best with a total of 327, 35 shots behind Nate.

OPEN 32 
   John Child
MASTERS 12     Roger Cansler 332
OPEN 47    Dale Gatlin 333
OPEN 65    James Proctor 334
OPEN 99    Dave Holwerda 350
OPEN 125    Justin Wilson 357
MASTERS 68    Bob Proctor 372
OPEN 166    Colin Boyd 386
GMAST 53    Kevin Parkhurst 387
GMAST 67    David Rooney 403

James Proctor was the youngest competitor, we think, and made the cut.

Roger and John had the best rounds with 1017 ratings - Roger in the 2nd round at Pinto Lake and John's 3rd round which was at Ryan Ranch.

The stafford regulars had a very respectable showing.