2018 Bag Tag

posted Jan 21, 2018, 6:49 AM by Stafford Lake

We finally got our act together and managed to hold the bag tag challenge in January this year.  Congrats to us.

It was a spectacular day and the course played tough with the winner only shooting a -2 (Stafford Par).

We raised some decent cash and all that $ will be spent on some new baskets, and we'll keep the old baskets in the long positions so there will be more, and more is more.

Tag #NameScore
Tag #NameScore
1Mark Tennyson79
26Tom Z90
2Kenny Glassman80
27Eric Roth91
3Jeff Fiedler81
28William Jerpe91
4Mike Peremba82
29Mad Mike91
5Jeff Faes82
30Jeffrey Gehringer92
6Steve Schroeder82
31Bob McGarity95
7Matt Neiman83
32Chris Sheron95
8Josh Cook84
33Rich Korach95
9Jacob Sanderson85
34Sam Hudson95
10Scott Badovick86
35Eddy Fitzsimmons96
11Cory Murrell86
36Josh Babiak96
12Mike Sale86
37Andrew Hughes98
38Chris Rogers98
39Michael Infusino98
15Josh Taylor87
40Dars Kramer99
16Nathan LaChance87
41Dominic Bickford99
17Brad Cameron87
42Scott Mathewson99
18Matty Angell87
43Patrick Willey100
19Andy Hale88
44Tyler Parkhurst101
20Evan Sjostrom88
45Andy Rothchild105
21Nelson vasquez89
46Paulo Ceja110
22Dave Rawson89

23Jake Schultz89

24Beau Griffin90

25Jeff Calhoun90

Thursday Weekly Starts at 4PM

posted Jun 29, 2017, 5:06 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

Because the park closes at 8 PM.

2017 Bag Tag Results

posted May 14, 2017, 7:46 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

Here are the results.

Great playing by Matt Neiman who won the #1 tag for the 2nd year in a row.

Stafford Bag Tag Results - 2017

2017 Bag Tag is FINALLY Scheduled

posted Apr 4, 2017, 4:28 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe   [ updated Apr 4, 2017, 4:33 AM ]

Due to a general lack of organization, it took us too long to get the bag tags.  But finally, they are done and the Bag Tag Challenge is ON !

  • Sunday April 23 is the date.
  • Rolling start between 8 AM and 10 AM.

  • $20 Fee, all $ goes to a new basket, or two.  As for last year's $, it all went to the UFOs and helped fund the Lake Sonoma baskets.

Thursday Weekly Starts at 3PM

posted Mar 13, 2017, 8:28 PM by Jackson Ratcliffe

The park now closes at 7PM.

This means we will now START AT 3PM  , and play the full 23 holes, plus a long tee or two.

Ace pool is $96 as of 3/13.

Thursday Weekly Starts at 2 PM

posted Dec 1, 2016, 6:25 AM by Stafford Lake

With the park closing at 5PM, the Thursday handicap weekly now starts at 2PM.  We'll play 18 or 21 holes depending on how many show up.

2016 Turkey Shoot Results

posted Nov 27, 2016, 9:27 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

The 2016  Turkey Shoot is in the books and except for a little rain here and there, almost everyone had a great day.

In the Pro division, Dale Gatlin and Mike Peremba finally got the monkey off their backs and won something at Stafford.  Congrats.

In the Old division, Tom Z and Malo played as steady as an old man can, with two even par rounds, and denied last year's winners from a repeat.

In Mixed, Nate Genthner and Nicole Bradley beat their score from last year to move from just out of the $ last year into first place this year, with a score that would have won the Old Division and cashed in AM !

Smashed Puttatoes & Gravy and  Give it a LaChance tied for 1st in AM and due to darkness, we did not have a playoff.

And we'll do it again next year !

Pro Division

 Team Name  Players Round 1 Score Round 2 Score Total     Prize $
Slob On My KnobDale Gatlin/ Mike Peremba464692$400
MendoDallas Albright Scott Kile454893$250
Disc MercenariesBryan Banta & Mark Patnode474895$180
Grandma's BoysJacob Tupper & Lewis Bitney484795$180
can I borrow a towel?John Child James Proctor474996$140
Birdie BastersWright Morman & Chad Albrecht514899
White rice putts nice!Jack Lu & Sias Elmore485199
MR. MIYAGI & THE KARATE KIDTateki Noma & Kyle Davis524799
No Soup For You!Nick Sorich/Miguel Rios5050100
Chaining RampionsJake Schultz Mike belchik5251103
Silly PuttingGeoff Kegley, Rob Frias5152103
Breazealian ToddlersGreg Breazeale/Todd Kurnat5152103
Derf & JerfDanny Kerfeld, Jesse Kerfeld5055105
Beer and BudBrad Armstrong & Roger Cansler5352105
One two comboRobert Williamson and Zach Taylor5399152
DabstroyersKenny Glassman / Nick Fyock5699155

Old Division

 Team Name Players Round 1 Score Round 2 Score Total Prize $
Unidentified Flying NapaDave Malolepzy Tom Zarraonandia5454108$380
Dueling DooleysBill Dooley Tom Dooley5555110$185
Old and In the WayDave Rawson & Jackson Ratcliffe5753110$185
Gravy BoatJabir Ponce, Jon Toby5359112$130
Tonto & ChemosabeScott & Ed5657113
Come on ManBill Christmas Kevin Parkhurst5562117
Soylent GrayMike Wisely & Chuck Burket5958117
Was that your drive?Jeff Nyholm & Sharron Carlson6257119
Deacons of discDave montano/ Ken Pasco6258120
HellScott Snyder & Rob Levander5964123
The BlistersSam Hudson and Kirk Nelson6363126
Mutha ChuckersChris Stone & Craig Brown6862130

Mixed Division

 Team Name Players Round 1 Score Round 2 Score Total Prize $
Flying gibbousNate genthner nicole bradley5055105$330
I'd rather be discgolfingAnni Kremel, Ari Freedman5655111$160
Flyin' LynxCamille Skwier and Caleb Gribi5755112$130
Big DJenn Morgan Kyle Orndorff5757114
Mixed BaggersMatty and Valerie5460114
DPZEllen Widboom Kristoffer Dean5758115
CrackerjacksSean & Elena Jack5960119
Multiple Fore -GasmsDominic Bickford, Tristen Smith6466130

AM Division

Team NamePlayersRound 1 ScoreRound 2 ScoreTotalPrize $
Smashed Puttatoes & GravyAdam Vargas and Vince Mardigras4951100$255
Give it a LaChanceMichael Courvoisier Nathan lachance4852100$255
Continental BreakfastAnthony Raygoza and Jordan Moirano5051101$170
Rea DonicusLucas Rea & Surya Sardonicus4854102$150
Carson Daleydale Dennett Carson Lewis5053103$140
MarinderatedDave Lendar & Kevin Throop4857105$130
The DeucebagsLucas Walton and Marco Benites4957106$112
CobbRowe WaboBen Cobb, Matt Rowe5056106$112
Gā-DicksRyan Dickson kyle Gaches5155106$112
Between The Basket And MeArmando Ensenat / Alex Torres5156107$89
Thunder ChickenDandridge Marsh / Michael Dauphinais5453107$89
Kill DozerAaron Kurowski and Jason Whitley5453107$89
Cheddar cheese apple pieCurtis Bauer, Chris Basuino 5156107$89
Mug LifeMatt Throop and Nick Shaw5454108
The debolt showJerry Showman & mike debolt5355108
Team Excuse Me Ma''amMark Tennyson Andrew Hughes5157108
Front Rim BangersAndrew Fisher Andy Wolverton5157108
BullshizbeezJosh and Khyber5356109
Putt PiratesBeau Griffin Booth Burrows5455109
Big bag of turkeysMike Alvarez, Roji5356109
Shooter McLaughlin & Scrappy VillmoreCasey McLaughlin, Frank Villas5060110
One in the Drink, Two in the StinkEvan Sjostrom & George Ross5456110
Spray-n-PrayJonny & Brad5260112
Weezing MarshalMike Walker and Marshall Lambert5458112
The GregoriesGreg Randolph & Greg Lacomb5360113
Two dudes, one puttSteve Willis and Jon Braidman5756113
Team JuiceBrandon Gross, Daniel Walden5558113
The Kool KatsMarquis Oliver and Rich Korach5558113
The Grateful DiscJacob Sanderson Dan SatinI5459113
Team Danger UsAndy leaf & Dave Mairs5658114
2 Lame 2 Name 5Jason Tindell, Bob Wig5858116
Everything's GravyJonathan Ogan & Roger Crain6059119
Bros Before ThrowsBrian Deisenroth, Wolf Gaudchau6159120
2 Lame 2 Name 2Burt Hutten/Moon Johnson5763120
Roger's RingersAndy Nguyen and Michael Hudson5763120
FrisBrosDavid Sawyer, Shad Eddleman6465129

Turkey Shoot Payout

posted Nov 23, 2016, 5:11 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe

In case you are curious, below is the payout grid for the turkey shoot.  Basically the costs for the tournament are $30 per team.  And yes, they charged us a $50 environmental fee.  Not sure what for, but we got charged.

Area 1 & 2 Fee$928
Application Fee$250
Environmental Fee$50
Scorecard paper$0
Beer, Ice and cups$500
Temp Course Stuff$70
Total Expenses$2,150
Net Fees$6,270
Total Payout$4,120
Per Team Costs$30
Entrance Fee$100$100$100$80
Number of Teams1612836
Division Pay In$1,549$1,162$774$2,786
Division Costs$478$358$239$1,075
Division Payout$1,071$803$536$1,711

2016 Turkey Shoot Teams and Starting Holes

posted Nov 11, 2016, 7:24 AM by Jackson Ratcliffe   [ updated Nov 23, 2016, 4:56 AM ]

Ok, now we are really full.  And here is the REVISED list of teams and holes.

If you see a problem or mistake, please let me know.

PROSlob On My KnobDale Gatlin/ Mike PerembaMain1Main # 1
PRODisc MercenariesBryan Banta & Mark PatnodeMain1Main # 1
PROcan I borrow a towel?John Child James ProctorMain2Main # 2
PROChaining RampionsJake Schultz Mike belchikMain2Main # 2
PROSilly PuttingGeoff Kegley, Rob FriasMain3Main # 3
PROMendoDallas Albright Scott KileMain3Main # 3
PROOne two comboRobert Williamson and Zach TaylorMain4Main # 4
PROBirdie BastersWright Morman & Chad AlbrechtMain4Main # 4
PRODabstroyersKenny Glassman / Nick FyockMain5Main # 5
PRODerf & JerfDanny Kerfeld, Jesse KerfeldMain5Main # 5
PRONo Soup For You!Nick Sorich/Miguel RiosMain6Main # 6
PROGrandma's BoysJacob Tupper & Lewis BitneyMain6Main # 6
PROWhite rice putts nice!Jack Lu & Sias ElmoreMain7Main # 7
PROBreazealian ToddlersGreg Breazeale/Todd KurnatMain7Main # 7
PROMR. MIYAGI & THE KARATE KIDTateki Noma & Kyle DavisMain8Main # 8
PRO2 Lame 2 Name 4Justin Wilson. Derek BillingsMain8Main # 8
OldDueling DooleysBill Dooley Tom DooleyMain9Main # 9
OldUnidentified Flying NapaDave Malolepzy Tom ZarraonandiaMain9Main # 9
MixedBig DJenn Morgan Kyle OrndorffMain10Main # 10
MixedDPZEllen Widboom Kristoffer DeanMain10Main # 10
MixedFlyin' LynxCamille Skwier and Caleb GribiMain11Main # 11
MixedI'd rather be discgolfingAnni Kremel, Ari FreedmanMain11Main # 11
MixedCrackerjacksSean & Elena JackMain12Main # 12
MixedMixed BaggersMatty and ValerieMain12Main # 12
MixedFlying gibbousNate genthner nicole bradleyMain13Main # 13
MixedMultiple Fore -GasmsDominic Bickford, Tristen SmithMain13Main # 13
OldCome on ManBill Christmas Kevin ParkhurstMain14Main # 14
OldHellScott Snyder & Rob LevanderMain14Main # 14
OldGravy BoatJabir Ponce, Jon TobyMain15Main # 15
OldMutha ChuckersChris Stone & Craig BrownMain15Main # 15
OldSoylent GrayMike Wisely & Chuck BurketMain16Main # 16
OldWas that your drive?Jeff Nyholm & Sharron CarlsonMain16Main # 16
OldDeacons of discDave montano/ Ken PascoMain17Main # 17
OldThe BlistersSam Hudson and Kirk NelsonMain17Main # 17
OldOld and In the WayDave Rawson & Jackson RatcliffeMain18Main # 18
OldTonto & ChemosabeScott & EdMain18Main # 18
AMBetween The Buried And MeArmando Ensenat / Alex TorresTemp1Temp # 1
AMThe DeucebagsLucas Walton and Marco BenitesTemp1Temp # 1
AMContinental BreakfastAnthony Raygoza and Jordan MoiranoTemp2Temp # 2
AMFrisBrosDavid Sawyer, Shad EddlemanTemp2Temp # 2
AMBros Before ThrowsBrian Deisenroth, Wolf GaudchauTemp3Temp # 3
AMThe GregoriesGreg Randolph & Greg LacombTemp3Temp # 3
AMTwo dudes, one puttSteve Willis and Jon BraidmanTemp4Temp # 4
AMMug LifeMatt Throop and Nick ShawTemp4Temp # 4
AMCarson Daleydale Dennett Carson LewisTemp5Temp # 5
AMTeam JuiceBrandon Gross, Daniel WaldenTemp5Temp # 5
AM2 Lame 2 Name 2Burt Hutten/Moon JohnsonTemp6Temp # 6
AMEverything's GravyJonathan Ogan & Roger CrainTemp6Temp # 6
AM2 Lame 2 Name 3Lucas Rea & Surya SardonicusTemp7Temp # 7
AMCobbRowe WaboBen Cobb, Matt RoweTemp7Temp # 7
AMThe Kook KatsMarquis Oliver and Rich KorachTemp8Temp # 8
AMThunder ChickenDandridge Marsh / Michael DauphinaisTemp8Temp # 8
AMGā-DicksRyan Dickson kyle GachesTemp9Temp # 9
AMMarinderatedDave Lendar & Kevin ThroopTemp9Temp # 9
AMBullshizbeezJosh and KhyberTemp10Temp # 10
AMPutt PiratesBeau Griffin Booth BurrowsTemp10Temp # 10
AMKill DozerAaron Kurowski and Jason WhitleyTemp11Temp # 11
AMTeam Danger UsAndy leaf & Dave MairsTemp11Temp # 11
AMRoger's RingersAndy Nguyen and Michael HudsonTemp12Temp # 12
AMShooter McLaughlin & Scrappy VillmoreCasey McLaughlin, Frank VillasTemp12Temp # 12
AMBig bag of turkeysMike Alvarez, RojiTemp13Temp # 13
AMThe Grateful DiscJacob Sanderson Dan SatinITemp13Temp # 13
AMSmashed Puttatoes & GravyAdam Vargas and Vince MardigrasTemp14Temp # 14
AMThe debolt showJerry Showman & mike deboltTemp14Temp # 14
AMCheddar cheese apple pieCurtis Bauer, Chris Basuino Temp15Temp # 15
AMTeam Excuse Me Ma''amMark Tennyson Andrew HughesTemp15Temp # 15
AM2 Lame 2 Name 5Jason Tindell, Bob WigTemp16Temp # 16
AMOne in the Drink, Two in the StinkEvan Sjostrom & George RossTemp16Temp # 16
AMFront Rim BangersAndrew Fisher Andy WolvertonTemp17Temp # 17
AMSpray-n-PrayJonny & BradTemp17Temp # 17
AMGive it a LaChanceMichael Courvoisier Nathan lachanceTemp18Temp # 18
AMWeezing MarshalMike Walker and Marshall LambertTemp18Temp # 18

2016 Turkey Shoot

posted Oct 29, 2016, 5:15 PM by Jackson Ratcliffe   [ updated Nov 8, 2016, 8:57 PM ]


All the permits are lined up and the 2016 Stafford Lake Turkey Shoot is On !  One day, non-PDGA doubles tournament.

Please note that this tournament always sells out. So if you want to play, pay quickly as only 72 teams are blessed enough to play.  

  • Saturday November 26th.
  • Park Opens at 7 am.
  • !! Players Meeting is at 8 AM !!!!
  • First round starts promptly at 8:15 AM.  We'll send Pros/Old/Mixed out 1st to the big course, then AMs on the temp course.
  • Second round starts at 12:30.  We'll send AMs out 1st to the big course, then Pros/Old/Mixed on the temp course.
  • Awards ceremony at 5:00 PM.
  • Park closes at 6 PM.
  • Best throw doubles format.

  • Two 18 hole rounds. 
    • One in the morning, starting at 8:15 AM.
    • One in the afternoon, starting at 12:30 PM.
  • One round on Stafford's classic course in mostly 'traditional' pin positions.
  • One round on Stafford's 'Lake' temporary course.

  • Four divisions:
    • Professional - The top tier for ultimate bragging rights. $100 per team.
    • Old - Total age of the team must exceed 100 years. $100 per team.
    • Mixed - One man, one woman, one team. $100 per team.
    • Amateur - For everyone else. $80 per team.

  • 100% Payout. Sorry but we're not doing a players package or food as most of us have enough tee shirts, discs, and will have plenty of leftovers from Thanksgiving, and everyone prefers cash anyway.
  • So bring your own lunch as food will not be provided and there is not enough time to get food between rounds !!!

Other Stuff:
  • Normal Stafford parking fees still apply.

  • Please play quickly. The sun sets at 4:52 PM, so we have to be done before then.

The Courses:

For those of you curious about the course layouts:

  • In an effort to speed play, most of the main course will be in 'traditional'.  So a mix of long and short.
  • I'll add a map shortly, but it will be basically the same as last year, except the 1st hole (that sucked) will be replaced with another island green hole, which will be #1 on the temp course.  We're naming this hole 'Proctor's Pain'.


  1. There are 36 AM spots and 36 spots for Pro/Old/Mixed.  
  2. To play AM, use the form on the left.  To play Pro/Old/Mixed, use the one on the right and select your division.  It's a drop down option.  Team Scotch and Soda have already messed up and instead of playing the Old division, they are playing pro. 
  3. PLEASE ENTER YOUR TEAM NAME AND THE NAMES OF YOUR TEAM MEMBERS.  That way I can do the scorecards easily.  Thanks
  4. Please don't beg for a spot when it sells out as there are none.   However, there are always a few teams that no show and alternates are on a first come first serve basis. 
  5. Last year we added a few groups so some groups had 3 teams.  I got some complaints about that and don't want to listen to whining, so unless all teams on a tee agree to adding another team, we're not doing that again.


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