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Turkey Shoot 1st Round Tee Assignments

posted Nov 27, 2014, 6:28 AM by Stafford Lake   [ updated Nov 27, 2014, 8:08 AM ]
In an effort to reduce your Saturday morning confusion, here are the tee assignments for the first round.


Division Team Members Team Name 1st
Pro John Child/James Proctor Got No Name 3 1
Pro Greg Breazeale, Scott badovickThe the bearded bizzilians 1
Pro Tupper Bitney You're still out guys....still out 2
Pro jake schultz josh cook bisco discits 2
Pro Doug Jensen, Shawn Mercy Great Feel 3
Pro Evan Sjostrom, Josh Haberman Old and Older 3
Pro Dale Gatlin/ Eric Langton Two Guys With Two Big Cocks!! 4
Pro Tateki Noma & Kyle Davis Mr. Miyagi and the Karate Kid 4
Pro Rob Frias & Joe Harrigan Rob & Joe 5
Pro patrick brown Drew Gibson DINGDONG 5
Pro George Ross, Juan Feilding Juan team to rule them all 6
Pro Danny Kerfeld, Jesse Kerfeld Derf & Jerf 6
Pro Jesse smith and mark patenode team your mom 7
Pro Devon Kreyenhagen Jarrod Dumont TNT 7
Pro Roger Cansler Justin Wilson Wana bet 8
Pro Joshua and Jeremy Tupper Suck! 8
Pro robert mounts and wil boyes mothers milk 9
Pro Josh goates and mike williamson Captain sweatpants and Murrlisa 9
Pro Chad Albrecht and Conor Cole The Salty Dogs 10
pro Daniel Murrieta, Steve Schroeder Angry Birds 10
Old Rusty Howson, Jeff Howson Team Howson 11
Old Jon Toby & Danger Dave Mairs Dag Gnabbit 11
Old david malo/tom z the z team 12
Old bob proctor, lou rethelford heathcliff slocumb 12
Old Bill Christmas and Kevin Parkhurst you wish you were us 13
Old Christ Stone/Craig Brown Grateful Dudes 13
Old Scot Snyder Rob Levander The Walking Time Bombs 14
Old Scott & Ed Scotch & Soda 14
Old Dave Rawson, Jackson Ratcliffe Old and In the Way 15
Mixed Val St Louis & Matty Angell Mixed Baggers 15
Mixed Bill Dooley Sharon Carlson A couple of putts 16
Mixed Ari Free, Anni Kremel The Good , The Bad , and the Sodden 16
Mixed David Haning, Jennifer Morgan Flying Family 17
Mixed Chris Watson and Kelly Muth Redwood Coasters 17
Mixed Anne Farrell, Les Swift Gimpy and the Geezer 18
Mixed Sean and Elena Jack Jacks be Nimble 18
Division Team Members Team Name 1st Round Hole
Am Leif Ludwig & Brian Denn Have you seen my baseball? 1
Am Edgar Mojica/ Robert Ford Got No Name 4 1
Am dave lender, brad cameron lefted camaroons 2
Am Levi fagundes and Dan hardeman team HardUndies 2
Am Stephen Garner, Oren Bame Bame goes the dynamite 3
Am Matt Throop and Nick Shaw Team Putter Inner Hole 3
Am Ross Hammond Peter Black The Dirtbags 4
Am Jason Hale, Josh Sommers A Sommers Hale Storm 4
Am Michael Alvarez and IV Matheny 12/15 5
Am Josh Yocum and Khyber Easton Bullshizbeez 5
Am Will Korger Mike Silva To Be Determined 6
Am Frank Villas, Tyler Stoneham Flaka Birdiez 6
Am Geoff/Stache Turtle Run 7
Am Jonathan Ogan, Zachary Looper-Friedman 2 guys 1 putt 7
Am Aj Jaussaud and Andy Somers The Motowners 8
Am Gregg LaComb, Greg Randolph The Greg's 8
Am Aaron McKenna and Alex Duncan Stinky Britches 9
Am Jason Whitley and Dakota Bell Dolphin Triad 9
Am Mike Pease Jim McClain We don't give a flick 10
Am Alex Tara and Nick Cahill Long Putt 10
Am Jon Marcus, Eddie Fitzsimmons Mediocre Strokers 11
Am Beau griffin Booth Burrows  libra Magic 11
Am Alex Torres/ Mondo Ensenat Flight Facilities 12
Am Ben Cobb and Jacob Sanderson  Feelin acey 12
Am Schuyler Raine-Mustain Snacky Robinson Heavy Goat Weenus 13
Am Wes Morrison Dylan Evans Stiff nights 13
Am David Falzone , Chris Gomez GomeZoner 14
Am Andy Leaf, Matt Brenner Grip it & Sip it 14
Am Josh Goesch, Bobby Wiliamson Team Ram Rod 15
Am Cody Grosskopf and Yori Herrera Team Indigo Donkey 15
Am Jabir Ponce & Foulad Al Badeh Rainbow Renegades 16
Am Kevin throop and Derrick Robbings Mendonoma 16
Am Steve Erle and Kellen Martin Got No Name 1 17
Am Steve Willis and Parry Wolfe Double Dubs 17
Am Nigel Carrera and Orion Sylvester Ni-Sly 18
Am Ryan Dickson/Kyle Gaches Shankapotmus 18